How to Apply Wedding Makeup

Doing your own makeup on your wedding day can be intimidating, especially if you are not used to wearing makeup every day. However, the proper preparation and testing can help you confidently achieve a great result that will have you looking great both down the aisle and in photos.

How to Apply Makeup to a Deceased Person

Very few families will bring their own makeup to a funeral home, ready to complete the makeup of their deceased loved one, by choice. The morgue cosmeticians are not obligated to paint the nails of the deceased a certain color or apply pink lip gloss to the deceased's lips, however, if requested, these extra services may be carried out. Should you want to apply makeup yourself, though, the necessary steps must be done precisely and in full detail to make the person look like they did while alive, as much as possible.

How to Apply Makeup to Cover Facial Scars

There are many ways to improve the appearance of scars. Scars can be improved with scar camouflage makeup as long as the makeup is applied in an effective way. Knowing the proper technique to cover up your scars will make the makeup look natural and the scar less noticeable.

How to Find Non-Toxic Makeup

Some of the most common ingredients in makeup are also some of the most harmful to the body, causing a range of problems from skin irritation to a higher risk of birth defects. While organic, nontoxic makeup is generally more expensive than the chemical-laden variety, the quality is often superior to that of mainstream makeup and the benefits to your skin and body are priceless.

How to Apply Mime Makeup

Mime makeup is one of the easiest types of stage makeup to apply. If done correctly the mime face will come alive under lights or in street performance. The mime face relies on a white canvas that highlights the facial expressions of the mime making them more pronounced and dramatic.

How to Apply Arabian Makeup

Arabian makeup is best know for its dramatic emphasis on eyes and lips. This particular makeup style consists of dark and dramatic eyes, bronzer and bold lip colors. While many individuals believe that the goal of wearing makeup is to subtly emphasize your features, Arabian makeup takes a much bolder approach. A good example of an Arabian princess whose makeup depicts this style is Jasmine in the Disney movie “Aladdin”. She sports bold eye makeup and a reddish-colored lipstick.

How to Apply Eye Makeup

Selecting the right eye makeup and applying it correctly isn't as daunting as it sounds. It can actually be a relatively quick and simple process.

Things You'll Need
Eye liner
Makeup brushes or sponge applicators
Eye shadow or shadows
Settle on what you would like your eye makeup to look like and plan accordingly. Select darker shadows for night, lighter shades for the daytime hours, or choose one or two neutral shades to go from day into night.

How to Do Makeup for a Rag Doll Costume

A rag doll costume is adorable on little girls or women of any age. The classic rag doll calls to mind the Raggedy Ann dolls many of us played with as children. The makeup for the costume is simple but will let people immediately identify your costume. It is unmistakable, with the rosy cheeks, red nose and doll eyelashes, that you are dressed as a precious rag doll.

How to Become a Makeup Artist for M A C Cosmetics

A career as a makeup artist certainly requires expertise in makeup application, but you must also have strong sales experience and enjoy working with the public. Makeup artists who work with MAC Cosmetics may work at a department store counter, in a MAC Cosmetics retail store or directly for the company in a field-based position. The global cosmetic company prefers to hire those with established skills, so pursue formal training and work in a retail sales position before applying for a job.

How to Apply Makeup on Men

Women have traditionally been the beneficiaries of makeup, but in today's world, more men are beginning to discover the benefits of wearing it. Read on to learn how to apply makeup on men.

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