How to Make Old Lady Stage Makeup

Creating characters old and young can be an exciting and fun task to try. However, to make the character believable, attention to detail is needed. You can find makeup supplies at your local costume shops, but if you are trying to make this "Old Lady" character on a budget, you can create this look with makeup you may already have in your drawer.

How to Use Highlighting Makeup

Makeup is not just about using colors on your face, it is about using highlights to contour your face. Makeup can help you shape your face, highlight your beauty, make you look younger, and bring out your best features. Using highlighting makeup can help make you look more awake and beautiful. It doesn't take a professional or a lot of makeup to create this effect.

How to Make a Makeup Brush Holder

When your bathroom or vanity drawer space is limited, try adopting a countertop organization system for your makeup brushes and eyebrow grooming tools. Create an easy and attractive way to enhance this new routine by crafting a DIY makeup brush stand out of a block of wood. As an added bonus, you also can add a place for a small vase of flowers. Here's how to make your own.

How to Apply Mineral Makeup Over Acne

Mineral makeup is, by its composition, perfect for acne-prone skin. Other types of makeup, especially liquid foundation and packed powder, clog pores and cause acne breakouts. Mineral makeup was designed specifically to cover all types of skin imperfections without aggravating sensitive skin. No matter what your age, mineral makeup is the best choice for acne-prone skin. Before you start, do your homework on choices among brands of mineral makeups. Some brands are pricey and worth it, while other brands are merely cheap "knock offs."

Things You'll Need

How to Make Natural Makeup

Natural makeup can be homemade, healthy and save you money. This mostly organic, natural makeup includes translucent, loose face powder and skin-healing eye shadow that can be made with ingredients in your pantry. The potato starch and corn starch can set foundation and give bare skin a matte look without covering up a healthy skin glow or clogging pores.

How to Keep Eye Makeup From Smudging

A smoky eye is alluring, but a smudged eye is just a mess. Keep your eye makeup where it's meant to be by employing tricks from primers to powders. Start out with good, quality formulations -- cheap or old makeup is not only irritating to the eyes, but can have quickly expired staying power.

History of Makeup in Theater

As long as theater has existed, actors have used stage makeup. From ancient Greece to the theater of the Orient to present-day Broadway, theatrical makeup has been an integral part of any play. The use and application of makeup for the theater has evolved over thousands of years.

How to Apply Makeup to Acne Prone Skin

While it's important to allow acne prone skin a chance to breathe at night, you can still wear makeup during the day that conceals pimples without inhibiting your skin's healing process. Follow these steps to achieve flawless looking makeup coverage for your acne prone skin.

How to Clean a Makeup Sponge

An invaluable tool in your beauty arsenal, a makeup sponge helps you apply your tinted moisturizer, BB cream or foundation in sheer layers for a more even, flawless-looking complexion. Forgetting to clean your sponge regularly could have the opposite effect, resulting in uneven makeup application or spreading germs and bacteria that causes breakouts. Keep this handy blending tool clean and ready to use.

How to Remove Glitter Eye Makeup

Glitter is a great way to add some "razzle-dazzle" to an outfit. However, when the night is over and you are ready to hit the sack, your razzle-dazzle can cause you serious eye irritation if you do not remove it correctly. In this article, we will discuss how to remove glitter eye makeup.

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