How to Become a Makeup Artist for M A C Cosmetics

A career as a makeup artist certainly requires expertise in makeup application, but you must also have strong sales experience and enjoy working with the public. Makeup artists who work with MAC Cosmetics may work at a department store counter, in a MAC Cosmetics retail store or directly for the company in a field-based position. The global cosmetic company prefers to hire those with established skills, so pursue formal training and work in a retail sales position before applying for a job.

How to Clean a Makeup Sponge

An invaluable tool in your beauty arsenal, a makeup sponge helps you apply your tinted moisturizer, BB cream or foundation in sheer layers for a more even, flawless-looking complexion. Forgetting to clean your sponge regularly could have the opposite effect, resulting in uneven makeup application or spreading germs and bacteria that causes breakouts. Keep this handy blending tool clean and ready to use.

How to Put on Drag Queen Makeup

Drag queen shows are the rave in many major cities throughout the United States. A drag queen is a man who dresses as a woman. He may do so for his own personal reasons or he may be a drag queen performer. Regardless of the circumstances, dressing as a drag queen is all about making a statement. Heavy makeup, dramatic hair and outrageous outfits are necessary if you're going to be a drag queen.

How to Apply Makeup to Acne Prone Skin

While it's important to allow acne prone skin a chance to breathe at night, you can still wear makeup during the day that conceals pimples without inhibiting your skin's healing process. Follow these steps to achieve flawless looking makeup coverage for your acne prone skin.

How to Sell Mac Makeup

Make-up Cosmetics, also known as MAC Cosmetics, is a cosmetics manufacturing company originating in Canada in 1985 by Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan. MAC products are sold at most Macy's and Nordstrom's stores, Costco, and MAC Cosmetics stores worldwide. If you would like to sell MAC Cosmetics, you will need to either work at one of these stores or sell cosmetics you already own on an online auction website like Ebay.

How to Organize Makeup

Do you have enough tubes of mascara to keep a movie star's lashes covered for the next three years? Does it take you more time to find your lipstick than to apply it? Organizing and maintaining cosmetics is not only helpful, it's sanitary. Check out these tips to keep your beauty regime regimented.

How to Apply Makeup for a 60-Year-Old

We live in an era where age is truly just a number, and the year on a woman’s birth certificate doesn’t necessarily have to correlate to her appearance. But how does she do it? It isn’t always medical science that makes her skin look so flawless; sometimes it’s just as simple as good skin maintenance and makeup application techniques. Some experts offer tips to help women of the baby-boom generation look fresh, youthful and up-to-date.

How to Make Makeup Waterproof

Whether you’re going to a wedding, catching a tear-jerker movie or heading out for a day at the pool or beach, knowing how to apply sweat-, tear- and weather-proof makeup is a great skill to have. Waterproof your makeup so your face stays put -- no matter how soggy things get.

How to Do TV Makeup for a Man

Men are usually unfamiliar and uncomfortable with makeup. That's understandable, but if you are going to appear on TV then you should look your best. Television cameras and bright lights will change your appearance drastically so makeup is essential. Swallow your macho inhibitions and put on the makeup. Here's how a man should do makeup for television.

How to Apply 1910 Style Makeup

To many, makeup prior to the 1920s--and even during--may appear theatrical and undesirable. After all, modern cosmetics were only being developed in those days. However, for vintage lovers and makeup mavens, precisely capturing the look of the times is vital for an accurate representation of history. Whether you are posing for an antique-style portrait, starring in a production set in the beginning of the 20th century or attending a costume party, here are simple guidelines for recreating 1910-style makeup.

Things You'll Need
Oil-free makeup primer
Water-activated or creme foundation

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