Make Up Lips

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Things You'll Need
Light colored lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss
Knowledge of how to properly apply makeup and which colors best compliment your skin tone

Stay away from dark lipstick colors that will make them appear even bigger. Use nude or natural colors when it comes to lipstick or lip gloss. Use matte type of lipstick which cuts down on shine. Shiny lipstick will make them look bigger.

When applying foundation to face you can cover lips with a little foundation too and then just color in the area of your lips, this helps make them appear smaller.

Use a light colored lip liner to help make big lips look smaller too. Outline lips and then fill in with neutral or soft shades of colored lipstick. Colors to consider are light pinks, peaches and light brown/tan colors. Stay away from dark colors like red, dark brown or mauve.

Try to accentuate the rest of the face, like using eyeliner and dramatic shades on eyes and nice colored blush to make the rest of your face stand out compared to your lips. If you want to play down your lips then stick with light colored lip gloss or lip stick and try to accentuate the rest of your face with complimentary colors to your skin tone. Bring the focus from your lips to your eyes and cheeks. Wear your hair down more often than up as this seems to have a slimming effect sometimes. Pulling your hair back accentuates the whole face more, but may cause lips to stand out more.

2013's Most-Wanted Makeup Color

When you spend as much time chatting with top makeup artists, scrutinizing runway trends, and reporting from backstage as we do, you learn a few things—like what those weird fan-shaped brushes do, and more importantly, the coolest makeup and nail trends for the new year. So here they are, plus all of the products you need to get them. Fan brushes not required.


How to Apply Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

Step 1: Hydrating the Skin
Hydrating the skin is a simple, but very important, first step. It gives you the smooth and supple skin that is ideal for applying makeup. First spray clean skin with water or a spray fixative, then liberally apply moisturizer.

Step 2: Primer
Use a primer to prepare your skin for the concealer and foundation. Apply all over the face and neck. With a primer, makeup goes on better and lasts longer. Primers can also help to minimize pores.

Step 3: Concealer
Use concealer to cover problem areas on the skin such as redness, spots or blemishes. Pat onto the skin wherever needed. Concealers come in different tints. In this case, Gault uses a yellow-based concealer to even out the red areas on the model's face.

Step 4: Foundation
Select a foundation color that's as close as possible to your natural skin tone. Apply all over the face and blend into the neck. You can keep layering it but be sure that it's smoothly applied and well-blended. You want it to be invisible to the eye for a flawless, balanced finish.

Step 5: Contouring -- Highlighter and Bronzer
Highlighter and bronzer help contour the face to create definition. Bronzer should be a warm hue that's a bit darker than your natural skin tone. Highlighter is brighter. Sweep bronzer under the cheekbone and continue up along the hairline. Then apply highlighter on the cheekbone for instant killer cheekbones. You can help define your jaw by adding bronzer just beneath the jawline. Regardless of the feature you choose to enhance, be subtle.

Step 6: Blush
Blush gives you a nice, rosy glow. While smiling, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend back toward the hairline. You don't want any noticeable splotches of makeup so blend well. Be sure to avoid applying blush below the cheekbone.

Five Gothic Makeup Tips from a Longtime Goth

In many ways, Gothic makeup is the most important part of achieving a Goth look. After all, in the dark of a nightclub, people can't necessarily see your clothes, but they can definitely see your face.
When I first got into the Gothic look as a teen, we didn't have convenient Goth depots such as Hot Topic or books that featured Gothic makeup tips. Learning how to achieve the Gothic aesthetic took creativity and camaraderie with Goth makeup tips being handed down like some secret oral tradition. Certainly, it can be hard to get Gothic makeup tips from other Goths; many of us would prefer to guard our secrets. Here are some of my Gothic makeup tips to help you achieve the best look possible.

Gothic makeup tips #1: Eyeliner. Whether you are a man or a woman, a Goth must always wear eyeliner.

Liquid eyeliner produces the best Gothic look and should always be applied in black. However, Goths with olive and darker complexions may also want to get a white eyeliner (it exists and is often even available at drug stores in big cities) to highlight their eye area before applying the more typical "cat eye" or "Cleopatra" Gothic eyeliner look.

When applying your Gothic eyeliner be sure to take the shape of your eye into account. My eyes naturally turn down, so the Gothic cat-eye look doesn't work as well for me as for other people. I compensate for this by focusing less on the outside of the eye and more on the inside towards the nose. I line the eye like normal, and then extend the eyeliner past the inner corner of my eye pointing on a slight downward angle towards my nose. This provides an intense Gothic look while also helping to make my face seem more angular and my eye shape seem more cat-like.

Gothic makeup tips #2: Lipstick. Lipstick is optional for Gothic men, but a must for Gothic women.

Do not wear black lipstick; it makes you look like a Gothic amateur. Burgundy and wine colors are the most sophisticated for a Gothic look, but bright reds also work, especially for women interested in the Elegant Gothic Lolita look or men who are influenced by the cabaret drama of not quite Gothic bands like The Dresden Dolls.

No matter how much you think no one will notice it in the dark, trust the Gothic makeup tips girl when she says to always wear lip liner with your lipstick. The colors we prefer as Goths tend to bleed into the skin, especially if you're out for a long night of dancing. Lip liner can help stop this problem. Always make sure your lip liner is in the same shade as your lipstick or a shade lighter. Lip liners that are darker than your lips mar the Gothic look and generally just look trashy.

Gothic makeup tips #3: This is the most basic of Gothic makeup tips, and I hope I don't actually have to tell you this. Do not paint or powder your face white.

How to Apply Makeup in Just 5 Minutes

From the time of ancient Egypt, where men and women wore makeup believing that it would ward off infections, until today, when the average woman spends approximately $13,000 on makeup throughout her lifetime, makeup is an important part of society. Often, today's busy woman does not have the time to spend 15 minutes or more on her daily makeup routine. Learning a few simple steps will help women look and feel beautiful in just five minutes.

Make up Ideas for Special Occasions

An elegant outfit needs a special makeup. Choose makeup according to your outfit. Before anything, decide what are you are going to wear and only after, choose the type of makeup. Matching makeup and outfit doesn’t necessarily means an interesting and great combination, on the contrary, it can be a little dull or it can become a sign of exaggerated preciosity.

How to Choose Nude Lip Color for Dark Brown Skin

You know the dark-eyed and pale-lip look is super hot, but you may be wondering if it would look good with your dark brown skin. Does Louis Vuitton make exceptional purses? Of course it will! However, you've got to go with a nude shade that complements your gorgeous brown skin, or you'll look a little under the weather. But once you nail the right hue, you'll look stunning and ready to grace the pages of any haute magazine.

Few Tips for Red Lips

how to make-up
Red lips are having a moment right now, but a classic red lip never really goes out of style. I used to be intimidated by wearing them, but now they're in regular rotation—and they're especially festive for this time of year.

How to Update the Mod Lip

how to make-up
I want to do this! What's This? Pale lips on 60s icon Brigitte Bardot

How to Make Lip Plumper

how to make-up
I want to do this! What's This? hot lips

Everyone wants full, pouty, sexy lips but not everyone wants to go through painful injections or spend the money on them. I've put together an easy recipe for a DIY lip plumper you can make at home.

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