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11 Cute Curly Hairstyles to Try This Spring

Calling all girls with curls! Spring is here and it’s time to let those curls loose. Put away the straightening tools and embrace the gorgeous texture and body that naturally curly hair offers. With the proper styling products, you’ll be ready to enhance and define your curls’ shape for ultra-manageablity. Wear it up or wear it wild, the choice is yours. Here are 11 gorgeous curly hair trends for Spring 2013.


A quick upstyle offers a fashionable way to show off those curls.

How To Style:

1. Prep clean, dry hair with a light hold wet gel.

2. Gather hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie or small rubber band.

3. Allow curls to fall naturally. Backcomb curls slightly for maximum volume. Secure longer lengths by tucking and pinning with bobby pins as needed.

4. Finish with a medium hold hairspray.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Ouidad STYLING MIST to lock in your style.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is suitable for oval, square or heart-shaped faces. This style works best on medium to thick hair.


Gather hair into a low side bun for a completely different look.

How To Minimize A Large Forehead

Many believe that a wide forehead is a sign of higher intelligence, superior analytical powers and open-mindedness. But all these just seem like pretty ideas to comfort yourself with when you have a forehead that’s disproportionately large for your face. As women, we want well-balanced and harmonious distribution of spatial planes on our faces. For those of us that find our foreheads too big, high or wide to be aesthetically pleasing, there are several options at hand to play it down.

1. Avoid Back Combed Styles
Tying back the hair is a stylish back comb may be what you did when you tied ponytails in school, but not anymore. Tie back styles not only draw attention to your wide forehead, they also make the hairline recede further.

2013 hairstyles: 2013 haircuts & hair trends.

2013 hairstyles: 2013 haircuts & hair trends. More personal than even the clothes we wear, the haircut and colour we choose says much about us. And, like our clothing, much of that comes down to what's in fashion each season as well as what suits us best. From the haircuts to get in 2013 through to the best styles to wear them with, read on for our 2013 hair trends guide.


Let's keep this, well … short (pun intended): Pixies, bobs, crops, and short shags were the hottest short hairstyles of 2012. But short hairstyles are gaining even more momentum for 2013 and are all over the red carpet and runways. So, if you've ever thought about chopping it all off, now is the time. Or, if you have already gone short, then you're in luck. Short haircuts take, on average, way less time to style, allowing you to look polished in minutes.

The only tiny complaint we hear over and over again from readers and friends with short haircuts is that sometimes, it's hard to change up their look and to style it in new, different ways. Plus, most hairstyle how-tos focus on longer hair, leaving those with short haircuts feeling left out. So, we found the most popular celebrity short hairstyles for 2013 and broke down the step-by-step directions that'll help you get the look. Whether you're in the mood for an edgy pixie or a romantic side-swept 'do, we've got you covered.

The new celebrity hairstyles with short haircuts we're loving right now are seen on Anne Hathaway, Naomi Watts, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Katharine McPhee. Also known for their trademark crops (and lending plenty of inspiration for short hairstyles for 2013) are Halle Berry, Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, and Victoria Beckham.

Convinced it's your time to make the cut? Keep clicking to see all the gorgeous ways to style short haircuts.

10 hairstyles that makes you look younger





2013 Hairstyles Trend Women Center Fashions

This year has been defined by natural beauty. Hairstylists channeled things easy for us and with elegance. Popular theme with styles that look fresh from the sea or air. Ponytails, braids and bangs the door pretty bouncy classic glamor. Designers in possession of a crystal ball when it comes to hairstyles. To begin with, are those who create the trends.

Barbie Doll Makeup

Style your hair and makeup like a living Barbie Doll

It's Barbie's world, we just live in it. Really, who hasn't coveted a living Ken Doll and pink convertible to call her own? This iconic doll is inarguably one of the greatest style icons of all time. Although you'll never be able to copy her impossibly perfect measurements (her form is highly exaggerated and not to be mimicked in real life, natch), you can copy Barbie's makeup and hairstyles in a pinch. Try on Barbie makeup in our virtual makeup studio by uploading a photo.

There are a number of gorgeous Barbie dolls that exist, many of them with dark skin and raven hair. Others that retain the original platinum blond Barbie look. Regardless of the color you choose, opt for a long, layered hairstyle that cascades around your shoulders and has plenty of lift at the roots. You can create Barbie-inspired volume by blowdrying with your head upside down with a large boar-bristle brush and setting your hair in large Velcro rollers for 20 minutes. The alternative is to take a large barrel curling iron to 2-inch sections of hair; hold the iron vertically to create waves that undulate loosely instead of tight spirals.

Braided Hairstyles for Weddings

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I want to do this! What's This? Braided Hairstyles for Weddings
Apple Blossom Braid, Gracefullady Whether it's for the bride or the flower girl, an unusual hairstyle is an eye-catching treat at any wedding. A braided style is modernly rare and possesses an unparalleled level of traditional beauty for a blushing bride.
Hair Length

Guys Rockabilly Hairstyles

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I want to do this! What's This? Guys Rockabilly Hairstyles

Grunge Hairstyles

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